Date archive: March 2013

Topic Detour

There’s been a topic detour… It’s Saturday evening and I got comfortable after the long process of showering. Right before I started typing I had a severe mid/upper back cramp. Not my back injury pain. This was all ALS. First I felt like I couldn’t breath in air easily. That’s not uncommon so I put on my easy nasal…

Journey to the car

Hello again, I hope you’ve enjoyed your day. I did get the bones of my site completed yesterday but I still have a lot of things to add that will stay.I’ll also be adding things that will need regular upkeep. It is certainly keeping my mind preoccupied even though it can be frustrating. I’m still learning…

I met my deadline! 3/28/13 Here’s my first post

I can’t believe it, my first blog post! I’ve been waiting for this. It’s like the building excitement of meeting someone you admire and you’re so excited, then you’re in a room with them, you’re still excited but don’t really know how to act.  Also, I underestimated the complexities of building a website.  I’ve spent…


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