Date archive: August 2013

The ALS Roller Coaster

I love roller coasters! I love them to slowly climb high and drop fast, upside down and with all kinds of unexpected twists and turns. I’m on one right now, but it’s no fun adrenaline rush. It has all I could ask for in a roller coaster. There is a big difference, this is real fear, real danger…

Hello and Happy Friday

Hello and happy Friday to those who keep up with what day it is at all times. I once did. Now, I do when needed but Tony keeps me in check and our calendars in sync so it’s just a quick look away. Dad will be bringing dinner over about 7:00 that Gracie cooked. Friday is…

Family Updates

What a busy past couple of days I’ve had! The best part for me is that it wasn’t all ALS stress busy. Friday was an especially nice day. One of those rare days that the stars align just right. I wasn’t having or feeling particular bad ALS wise, which I have been concerned about for this day….

Excitement and Disappointment

I’ve had lots of alternating excitement and disappointment lately. I guess for the most part that’s called life. It just seems magnified when ALS is always with you. That goes for the person with ALS and the people who love them. Don’t get too used to anything. It will change. What an adventure ALS is….

The Den and More

It’s August 5th and we’re still not in the den… Have I had my moments of being frustrated? Yes I have. Have I had moments of letting my frustrations be  known to Tony with an argument ensuing? Yes indeed. Have I later regretted it? Yes. OK, quiz over. Tony is doing everything he can. I’ve made a few…


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