Date archive: September 2013

Two Beds Out of One

He finally did it, Two beds out of one. I told you in my last blog about a family giving us their loved one’s Tempur-Pedic bed. It is a king size bed and it is wonderful. It came with two adjustable bases and two remotes and the king size mattress. Tony said they told him he could…

I Have Experienced Great Kindness

I have experienced great kindness over the last week. It’s so easy to feel bitter, especially with ALS. It’s easy to get frustrated with somebody complaining of something they have to do when right now I so wish I could. What I have to do is keep reminding myself I haven’t always had ALS and…

My Husband Takes ALS Deal 100% With Me

Hello everyone… It’s been longer than I’d like since I last wrote. I’ve had a whole lot of nothing going on. As I’ve mentioned, I’m in the phase II stem cell trial and that means I may or may not have the surgery to inject the stem cells. There has been a lot of tests and a lot of hurry up…


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