Date archive: January 2014

I Won’t Stop Fighting

It’s been longer than I would like since my last post. I used to feel panic coming up on a week without blogging. This has been something helpful to me in dealing with ALS that I don’t want to lose. I try to not worry myself about it. If it’s stressing me, that’s no good….

Wheelchair Accessible Van

I’ve been dealing with quite a bit lately, a lot having to do with ALS and some issues totally separate. When you have ALS, it can consume¬†your life with symptoms,¬†adaptions, planning ahead, money issues. The list is endless. At the same time life is still happening outside of ALS and even a healthy person’s life…

My First 2014 ALS Blog

The past few blogs have been progressively difficult. After deleting several long drafts I’ve decided to just sit, write and publish. I hope it comes together enough to be worth reading. This used to be more like a public journal of my personal experiences and feelings while dealing with ALS. The stem cell surgery changed…