A Gift of Independence

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Hello to all….  I was working on a different post but it will have to wait for another day. I’m too overwhelmed to think of anything else. My Stepdaughter, Tasha, came to visit this evening. She, her husband Billy and the three boys tashaandfamilyJesse, Ethan and Uriah came in two vehicles and left in one. They gave us their van!  They decided with the older kids on their own they can manage without it now.

I believe I’ve mentioned in prior posts that I have my power wheelchair. It has been sitting in an empty den 14 stairs away from me. We have our house on the market and planned to buy a van when we sell. It’s been very difficult for my husband to get me in and out whenever we leave. I’ve been concerned about him hurting his back carrying me up and down stairs. He will still have to get me up and down stairs but he won’t have to get wheelchair in and out of trunk and all the transferring.

We still have to get it modified, but it is in sight. Soon I can roll out of my house and into a van, then roll out of the van inside any store.

How do you thank your child for giving you their vehicle? All of our kids are young adults. A time when, as parents you want to help them out. It’s very humbling to accept something like this. Thank you Tasha and Billy. The boys were all very sweet but comical about it, letting me know they don’t have a van anymore. The oldest, Jesse showed me how he closes the back door hatch. Ethan asked an innocent but good question about how I will drive the van while I’m in a wheelchair. I let him know Grandpa has me covered there. They’ve had the van a few years and the boys obviously like it. I feel it was a gift from them too. They know I need it, and were willing and happy for me. If not, Tasha must have really threatened or bribed them well. No, they wouldn’t have made it through the visit without it coming out. We all know how honest kids are. Thank you Jesse, Ethan and little Uriah.

My whole family has been here for me and helped in any way they can from getting the house prepared to sell, like my brother-in-law and nephew professionally cleaning carpets. Our kids Steven and Amanda painting while both having a lot going on, Amanda just giving birth and giving me pedicures, Steven working and studying for PCAT. (he passed) I’ve received supportive text messages from Tyler who is living in another State. My Mother doing all kinds of thing that she shouln’t do with her bad neck. My sister Julie has been there any time I’ve called out for her. She is also helping a lot in raising awareness about ALS. I received two pairs of new shoes in the mail from my cousin, Trudy, who lives out of state after she read of my feet being freed. I can keep going. For any family I’ve left out, please don’t think I have forgotten, it’s all so appreciated by both Tony and me. I’ve always been an, If I can’t do it myself, I won’t ask, type of person. Now I’m flooded with family offering to help in any way. Even my extended family Patsy and Jerry offering to cook meals to have ahead of time.

Like I said in the beginning, having them give us their van has been an overwhelming experience for Tony and me. We’re both learning how to accept help, it’s hard, but we’re learning and realize we are lucky. To any family reading, this van was for both of us, but I feel I’ve received more attention being the sick one. Tony puts on so many hats for me everyday, I don’t feel like anybody knows what all he goes through. He needs to hear how great he is. He’s with me every day. He worries to leave me to go workout, he takes care of me even at the times I’m not easy to take care of. Thank you to the whole family from both of us.

There are many people with ALS who have nobody. If you’re in a position, please find a way to help them in any way possible through this cruel, scary journey nobody should take alone.

Today, a huge thank you to Tasha and her clan.

Special note to Tasha: The Chain of Love won’t end here!

Until next time, take care,





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TrudyApril 19, 2013 at 10:31 amReply

What a beautiful, beautiful gift from Tasha and Billy. They are amazing. Tony is just a wonderful, kind soul, as are you, April. Love you very much.

jules468April 19, 2013 at 8:38 pmReply

What awesome news.Thanks to Tasha and Billy for this unexpected and greatly needed gift.

jennimac77April 23, 2013 at 6:37 amReply

Wow! That’s so awesome! What wonderful kids you guys have! Very, very amazing… 🙂


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