A Gain For A Loss

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OK, at the end of yesterdays blog post, I mentioned lifting up a bit. I feel like adding a little sugar to the spice.

When I was first fitted for my AFO, It was so nice to be able to walk with a barely detectable limp. This came with a price I was very willing to pay, actually already paying, my shoe options were limited.

Anyone out there just getting an AFO, I did learn that New Balance and Sketchers tennis shoes worked best for me. The shoe needs to be wide enough for the brace, especially at toes and deep enough at the heel. I don’t know if these shoes will be best for everyone. I had a solid fixed AFO. I where a regular 7 shoe size and I have a My AFO in my Sketchersnarrow heel. To the right is a picture of my AFO in my Sketchers.

Now I figured I would be getting my drop foot all fixed up, and this was all temporary. It turned out to be the first of three adaptions to keep me walking. (to follow was adding a cane, then rollator.) so I was pretty disappointed to learn this was permanent. Then, what about my beloved shoes? My choices became steel toed construction boots or tennis shoes that took a lot of trying on to find at first. I’ll take the tennis shoe, thank you.

When I recently lost the ability to walk I remembered reading online a while back that the best thing about being in the chair is you can wear  the shoes want. How exciting! I want  to go try on shoes now. I will be hitting up thrift stores on Saturdays with my Mom, and I’ve been looking at amazing online deals for fun.

I’ve always been a thrifty shopper, but I do love to shop. If I’m not at a thrift shop, I’m a TJ maxx, Marshalls person usually. I love to shop online too. Now that I can’t just hop in the car and go to these place I have a lot of fun shopping online. Budget is real tight right now, so there are no big shopping sprees, but I’ve always enjoyed real window shopping too. It’s just as fun on line to me.

I still have pretty good use of my hands overall, especially my left, but they’ve gone enough to make putting my contacts in pretty difficult. It’s been so long since I tried, I’m not positive I still can. It would definitely be a time consuming chore.

My youngest son, Tyler, was due for glasses not long before my diagnosis. He bought some from an online eyeglasses store, Warby Parker, while visiting home. It’s pretty neat because you can look through their collection and chose up to 5 pair you like and they’ll ship you the frames with Plano lenses to keep up to five days and then return in the box they send. Free shipping both ways. He chose the Langstons. I really needed a pair of glasses so I bought the women’s version of his Langstons. These glasses were just under $100.00. The least expensive pair of glasses I had ever bought. The only downfall is for us aging people needing a little help reading is they don’t offer progressive lenses. Now $100.00 seems expensive.

My newest guilty pleasure is buying glasses online at goggles4u.com, they IMG_0754usually have great deals, especially on their home brands. I have bought glasses from there for about $10.00. That includes shipping, and I have a strong prescription. That doesn’t include progressives, but they do offer them. I love spending the $10.00 and trying all different styles and colors. I tend to like them on the wide side for my face. There are several online glasses stores that have $6.95 and up. zennioptical.com is another one worthy of checking out. Just be sure to have your pupillary distance correct. If you already know your prescription and don’t need an eye exam, Walmart optical is good about measuring it for you on the spot if not busy. That was our experience.

Above is a small collection of my inexpensive glasses.


That’s 3 ways you can turn a loss into something new. They’re fun even if you didn’t lose anything.

1.Newly in a wheelchair and no longer need an AFO? Now you can wear any shoes you like, plus they stay clean and won’t get worn from walking. Find a nice buy, sell and trade shoe store and you’ll get top dollar for your shoes when you take them back in great shape!

2. Have you lost the ability to drive but love to go shopping, or just browse? Get on that computer and shop or browse your heart away!

3. Are you a contact lens wearer and need to change to glasses?  No matter your budget, shop away online!

I hope any of this information is helpful to someone.

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TrudyApril 10, 2013 at 4:40 pmReply

April, this is an awesome article and so helpful. I love that you have been able to find the eyeglass places. I’m gonna check it out, too. (:

April AprilApril 10, 2013 at 9:58 pmReply

Thank you Trudy, I know I want all the information I can get for changes I have ahead, and I wanted it then. I hope it does help someone save money and time.

Everyone should check out online eyeglass stores. My current favorite is goggles4u.com for their great deals, easy to navigate website, and great 24/7 online customer support.

jules468April 10, 2013 at 6:11 pmReply

You’ve turned me on to the cheap glassess, too. I love mine. Even the ones with Elmo on the sides:) And yes, we must go thrift shopping soon. How about this weekend? Love ya

April AprilApril 10, 2013 at 10:31 pmReply

They’re great, right? I have a picture of me wearing your elmos. They’re small and I like them. I might try some small width ones for a change. I guess I should say the appropriate size.
Did you say thrift shopping? I’m in Saturday! Love you too

jennimac77April 11, 2013 at 5:57 amReply

Well, I can honestly say I have never heard of getting glasses online. WHERE HAVE I BEEN??!! This is uber exciting. I’m going to those sites you mentioned post haste. 😀 I don’t understand how you can get frames AND lenses for $10?? Or did I misunderstand? And I have no idea what my prescription is, so Walmart, here I come! Very exciting!

Oh, what is an AFO?

By the way, I am moving back home next month! Nick and I were talking about maybe coming up to see you in July, if that would be possible. Maybe the cousins can get together for some shopping, eating, and fellowship…what do you think?

Love you!

April AprilApril 11, 2013 at 5:43 pmReply

No, you didn’t misunderstand! If you don’t know your prescription, you’ll need an exam. Don’t forget to ask them to write your pupillary distance on the paper prescription you walk out with. It’s usually left blank, but it’s a very important part of getting your lenses right. Some don’t like to do it, especially if they make most of their money selling glasses, but legally they can’t refuse to give it to you. I wouldn’t like doing that to a local optometrist, the online world has changed theirs. Walmart vision centers can take the hit. I’ll just say $10.00 and way up, but you will definitely save a lot. Go for it!

AFO is an Ankle Foot Orthosis. I will be adding an image of my AFO later today in this blog post. If you can’t see it, do a screen refresh and it should show up.

I’d love to see you, Nick and your Mom!