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It’s now Wednesday and my teeth still haven’t been cleaned. This time the dental office canceled. I’m ready to get this over with. Unless something else comes up my teeth will be all polished up tomorrow. I love that feeling. This is the first time I’ll be rolled up to the dental chair and transfer from a manual wheelchair. I just want to take care of my weakening right leg and there will be no transfer problem with my still strong left leg. There’s a good chance my next visit will be much different so I want to talk with my dentist about how that will work. Hopefully I’ll be able (if needed) to come in my power wheelchair and have a cleaning or anything dental done from my chair. I also want to know how we’ll deal with a weakening jaw being hard to keep open. I have several questions for down the road. I know I don’t want to be in late stages of ALS with a toothache. I like my dentist and believe he’ll help me figure it all out.

Matt Ruggles, from 7th Wave Pictures came this morning and we spent several hours with him delving deeper into the documentary and the future plans of it. I’m really happy with what has been accomplished so far and I still feel my vision is in great hands. This is a long term project, well as long as I live, and much progression to cover. Having all the years of progression  and changes to be faced is the only thing that gets me sometimes. How will all this fit into such a short time.  I want it all seen. Again I know all that’s in good, wise hands and I believe it will be a very educational, sometimes shocking, always truthful watch of what ALS does to a person and their family.

I do have a little update for my regular readers. The suction equipment I wrote about not having enough suction to pull out mucus from my throat has been solved. We missed the training part about a hole being at the bottom of the suction tube. It must be covered with a finger for full suction. So the day of spitting in Tony’s hands could have been avoided. Now we know and are prepared should any assistance be needed with it in the future.

It’s been a productive day that I’m happy with. I think I’ll look around netflix and cable on demand and if nothing found we’re in the mood for we’ll see what’s up at redbox. I know I sound old but how can we have so many channels and have times of not being able to find anything we both are in the mood for? It can take as long as the movie itself to find something sometimes and I’ve reached the point of dreading all the searching so it’s not uncommon to forget the TV search and go straight for redbox. When this house sells all this cable is gone. Would cancel now but I’m a huge Big Brother fan and I like to watch the house guests live on Showtime from 12am to 3am. I mean I’m up anyway. Maybe I’ll start getting to sleep earlier if I can turn it all off at 3am and be done. This going to sleep with the sun rising is taking it a little too far. I would like to be awake for a little sunlight although I’m just automatically calmer when the sun goes down.

That’s it for today. I’m going to start my movie search. I’m feeling a drama but horror sounds pretty good too. We’ve watched comedies the last couple of movies.

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