Welcome one and all aboard The ALS Express

This is a place to learn about the terminal disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). My goal is to spread awareness about this Motor Neuron Disease (MND) and how it affects its victims and their loved ones. This site will be updated regularly with helpful resources for the newly diagnosed and their caregivers and more. My hope is that you will leave this site with something new each visit whether it is on one of the site pages or my blog. There will be something here for all affected or interested in ALS.

For us with ALS, at this point, there is no exit. You may have watched a train wreck from afar, a safe distance. We are experiencing our own train wrecking. We are always bracing for impact that happens to us in slow motion. Even though it’s terrifying, we still seek out laughter, love and companionship and often manage to have a great time while very aware of being on this doomed train. Some of us may feel quite bitter at times and have the need to let that be known. At this time we may be an ever-dying breed but, we are still human.

Many of us are still fighting for our lives, hoping for a treatment that will slow this train, bring it to a halt, or best of all, the ever elusive cure.

Please, visit my blog often. I plan to update it regularly and use it as an outlet for my anger, frustration and grief, as well as any nice experience I have. I won’t hold back, I need to say what I’m experiencing in my own words and straight from my heart. My blog is my place to do that. There are times and places where, yes, I do feel it’s not appropriate to be so candid, and I act accordingly. My blog is where those rules don’t apply.

I want to make it clear that I’m sure my blog will not be for everyone. It will be real, and at times what some may consider in bad taste. If you’re looking for a candy-coated, inspiring read of how I’m feeling, you may be disappointed. If clean inspiration is what you need, there are some great bloggers out there, and I can direct you to them. You can learn a lot from me so I hope you don’t give up on my blog too soon. Of course, you can if you want – Just follow the exit signs – Lucky You!

I would love for you to register and participate. You can comment on my blogs or go to ‘Leave Me a Message’ and say what’s on your mind. Whether you have ALS or are caring for someone with it, you can go to the ‘Share Your Story’ page and post it. What you have to say may help others who are searching for information. If you prefer to stay private, you can reach me at the ‘Contact Me’ page and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Thank you for visiting my site,

April Moundzouris



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Christmas 2010. Me with my husband Tony. ALS? Oh, yes Lou Gehrig's disease. Doesn't that leave you paralyzed?
Great! I have ALS and now I'm fat too. The doctor told me to gain weight. I can't believe I'm worried about fat when I have ALS! Does That make Me Crazy? *Gnarls Barkley style*
Our beautiful mixed breed dog, Jackie. She just showed up at our doorstep 15 years ago and made herself at home.
I couldn't be any luckier to have Tony at my side before and after ALS. Our sweet abby. *mom, dad please, you're embarrassing me*
I'm bored. Is that cupcake worth risking the stairs to the kitchen? UM...yes!
We adopted Abby September 2012. She came from horrible abuse. I will share her story with you some day.
This was a great evening out with my love. There was no mention of ALS.
A nice dinner with family cooked by 2 of the best chefs around.