My Time Lapse Pictures

This picture was taken on my diagnosis anniversary. The purpose is for my timelapse showcase of the progession of ALS. I will continue to take a picture a day til the end. Every 90 to 120 days I’ll give you a sneak peek of my death by ALS. I hate to sound so morbid but I’m doing this for ALS/MND awareness. Please watch and spread the word by sharing

March 28, 2013

IMG_0641 (800x600)

Series 1: 3/28/2013 – 07/07/2013


July 8, 2013


Music: Rolling Stones ~ Wild Horses ~
This is my husband’s ALS song to me. He sometimes sings it or if I’m having a, just let me go and live your life day, He yells, April, wild horses couldn’t drag me away. I’m so lucky to have him.