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900 Words To Say I Can’t Blog

I’ve been having a very difficult time getting a post out. I’ve also found it difficult to reply to comments. It’s been very frustrating because it’s something I have found a lot of comfort in as well as strength and motivation. Looking at the big picture, I guess it’s not so bad. I began this…

I know all about bad days with ALS

After my last rambling post, I want to at least have a topic to stay on. This isn’t a frenzied post but will still cover more than one topic. My Care Services Coordinator offered me and Tony the opportunity to make the trip to Washington, DC for National ALS Advocacy Day. It’s something we’ve both…

My First Real Outcome Measurements

The outcome measures I’m writing about were documented, but have not been officially published. I had my first real outcome measurements since my stem cell surgery last week and the feelings are difficult to explain. Overwhelmed doesn’t do it justice. I’ve mentioned better dexterity in my hand allowing me to sign and communicate much easier…


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