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My First Real Outcome Measurements

The outcome measures I’m writing about were documented, but have not been officially published. I had my first real outcome measurements since my stem cell surgery last week and the feelings are difficult to explain. Overwhelmed doesn’t do it justice. I’ve mentioned better dexterity in my hand allowing me to sign and communicate much easier…

Post Stem Cell Surgery – Pics & Video

Alright, another week post surgery and I’m feeling so much better than last week’s post. I have much more range of motion in my neck. Even if I do something that aggravates it, the pain is much less intense and only lasts a short time. It’s still a little difficult moving upper body forward and back…

It’s Friday

It’s Friday! That used to mean something to me. At a time, years ago, it meant let’s get this party started, later it served as a way to keep my schedule in check with where I stood in days to obligations. Now it’s pretty much just a day. It’s not uncommon for me to be two…


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