Two Beds Out of One

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He finally did it, Two beds out of one. I told you in my last blog about a family giving us their loved one’s Tempur-Pedic bed. It is a king size bed and it is wonderful. It came with two adjustable bases and two remotes and the king size mattress. Tony said they told him he could call the bed’s base manufacturer service line and have it set to work with both remotes as it was only set to one remote for the person who used it.

When he made it home with the bed and set it up it worked great. We were still confused as to how it would work with two separate remotes. It was still one king size mattress. How could one side go up without affecting the other. Of course this was a case for the guide to all things, YouTube. Sure enough there was a video of someone cutting a Tempur-Pedic king size memory foam mattress in half. You just measure, draw your line and cut with your best knife.

We were both nervous about it because we sure didn’t want to mess anything up but, he was doing the most sacrificing with the head or foot being up or down making it not so comfortable. He’s mainly a side sleeper and being folded in half isn’t nice. We usually came to an agreement and left it for the night. Knowing it was possible, we wanted to be able to position it at our own comfort needs. He called the Tempur-Pedic mattress service line and was told if we take it into the mattress store, they would cut it for $250.00. Between the cost of cutting and getting the mattress there and back, we were looking at $300.00. Well, we both know how to use a yard stick and draw a line and use a knife, best of all doing it that way was free.

We were still reluctant out of fear of losing this comfortable bed I’m sitting up in right now. We decided yesterday to go for it. Tony measured and marked. It was time to cut. I watched through my fingers like I would a scary, gory movie as he plunged the knife in the first time. After that it cut like butter all the way down. He pulled the bases further apart and it was perfect. Yay, smiles and high fives. Now all there was to do is call the bed base service line to have the remotes set for each bed. Turns out they are closed on weekends, however, being the geniuses that we are, OK Tony came up with the great idea, he gets his side where he wants it and unplugs the remote power base for his side, then it only controls mine and that’s what we’ve been doing since yesterday and works like a charm. Tomorrow, being Monday, he’ll call and have the other remote set to his side.  We both love the bed and are so grateful for the kindness of the family for giving it to us.

The only other thing playing hard on my mind right now is going back to Emory in a couple of days for more tests. It’s going to be a long day, but nothing painful. Actually I’m looking forward to seeing the trial coordinator. We’ll see her probably an hour or two, most of the day will be spent finding the right departments for the tests. The day will come and go, I just hope and expect to keep getting the great results from tests. I’m pretty sure this is the final round of decision making tests. Some will need to be repeated before moving forward though. Fingers crossed and positive thinking!

My gofundme page for the wheelchair van has slowed but it’s still overwhelming experiencing the feeling of people who have made a donation and we’re very appreciative of people who have shared the page and even called friends. Again anybody reading who has done either, we both thank you so much, words really don’t express the appreciation we feel. Thank you surely doesn’t seem to cut it but that’s all I know to say. Thank you with absolute deepest sincerity.

I had a nice visit with Mom today while Tony painted my toenails. We are going to watch the movie, Bling Ring, about the teens who broke into a few celebrity homes a few years back. I don’t expect a lot from it but I think it will be a decent watch for what it is.

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