Two Days… Two Sons… Two Good-byes

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Hello all. I just want to write a quick post to tell you the next two days are filled with good-byes. Tyler will be heading out in the morning, then Steven will be heading out Wednesday. Between dealing with those and a couple of other things I’m working out, I may not have time to blog, but I will if at all possible. I’m not sure about what yet, but I have some ideas floating in this head of mine. Also, thank you for the many birthday wishes I received.

There is something else I want to mention. A few people have asked about how it’s going with the van modification. I didn’t want to make a whole post on it, but it turns out the van just isn’t going to work for us. Even though I have a relatively short chair the floor will have to be dropped 10 inches along with a couple other modifications. Tony took the van to one place and called another and they both won’t do the needed modifications on a van older than 2009.

Of course Tasha wasn’t considering any of this when she purchased it, and it takes nothing away from the generosity of handing  the keys over out of love. The van is still in great driving condition and will be used by her family. It’s not a loss and we still thank you, Tasha and Billy, for the generosity.

That does put us back into the search, or most importantly the house selling so we can purchase one. It’s easy to get impatient but we do expect to be selling soon.

This was just a quick update I wanted to share. I will have a new ALS post soon.

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