Where I Spend My Time

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Where I Spend My Time

In the morning my husband has this bed prepared and I spend my day here.


At night my husband prepares this in our bedroom, we usually watch TV for a while.


Then the pillows are removed and I sleep with my head elevated. This has stopped me from waking in the night as often feeling like I can’t breathe and in a panic. He nicely organized the ALS needs shelving after he took the picture. I already had this uploaded, so didn’t change it.

I’m working hard on realizing everything can’t be how I would have it if I had the ability. After all he does to take care of me, he deserves to not have me on him to have things arranged my way. It’s still a work in progress to let go of the control of doing it myself, my way.

I really hope I can start blogging again. It has been so long, with lots of changes. I have a peg tube now. Since I’m starting off slow, In my next blog, I’ll write about how that came to be because I had decided not to.

I struggle with words now, so please bear with me.

Until next time, take care.




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